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RR No. 9-2016


REVENUE REGULATION NO. 14-2010 – Amending Pertinent Provisions of Revenue Regulation Nos 11-2006 and 4-2010 on the Accreditation of Tax Practitioners/Agents as a Prerequisite to Their Practice and Representation before the Bureau of Internal Revenue.


BIR 2016-1 BIR 2016-2 BIR 2016-3 BIR 2016-4 BIR 2016-5



RMC 61-2015


RMC 13-2015




RMC 12-2015



Revenue Memorandum Circular 11-2015

Re: Clarification on Revenue Regulations No. 6-2014 on tax practitioners/agents mandated to use the electronic Bureau of Internal Revenue forms (eBIRFORMS)

BIR CIR 11-2015




6-2014 1


6-2014 2

6-2014 3

6-2014 4


SEC Memorandum Circular No. 8

RE :  Amendment on the Guidelines and Procedures on the Use of Corporate and Partnership Names




Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 36-2015: Prescribes the mandatory one-time submission of Inventory List of all Cash Register Machines, Point of Sales Machines, Special Purpose Machines and/or any other similar machines.








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