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In 1982 I worked as junior auditor in an accounting firm based in Makati City.

On April 1983, after passing an examination and interview given by a known Philippine conglomerate based in Makati City, I was offered for an audit position. At that time an era of political unrest was converging in Metro Manila. Because of strings of powerful anti-Marcos dissent coalesced with popular dissatisfaction, it affected the people’s psyche that I believed had somehow disturbed a way of living of majority of working class in Metro Manila.  The national economy had seriously declined and major thoroughfares in the metropolis had been almost thrown into disorder. People marching in the streets were shouting for the downfall of the regime. This was coupled with a very serious incidence of labor and transport strikes. I considered these events with great personal discomfort so that I swiftly considered reorganizing my career path and decided to return to Cotabato City.

From June 1983 – March 1988 I worked as an accounting educator in a university in Cotabato City.  I was assigned to teach taxation and financial accounting. This had opened an avenue for me to be refreshed and become professional in Taxation Laws and to be updated with the current promulgation in financial accounting. On Saturdays, I attended classes to earn units in MBA at the university’s graduate school.

From April 1988 – December 1989 I worked as an audit manager in an Accounting Firm in Cotabato City owned by my brother Rolando E. Villacorta who is a CPA.

On March 1990 I established my own accounting firm as an individual practitioner. Because of the trust that we have built over the years, after 25 years in practice our firm has survived and I considered it to be one of the most reliable service provider for small and medium sized enterprise in the field of accountancy and related fields in Cotabato City and its immediate environs.

(Individual Practitioner with Staff)
Door 1, GF Sindao Bldg., Sinsuat Ave., Cotabato City
Tel.No. (064)- 421 46 95, 421 26 59, 546 92 91, 546 02 03
visit us at www.villacortaaccountingcom email: jvcpa@yahoo.com





Nicole, anak, we are so proud of you for passing the CPA Board Examination! Thank you too to our friends and relatives who really supported us through tireless prayers, good wishes and sacrifices during her review; really a priceless gift and our gratitude ! To God be the Glory !!

To God be the Glory ! So proud of you son Dr. Justin M. Villacorta  for passing the Physician Licensure Exam given on Sept. 8,9, Oct. 27, 28, 2018.  A gratitude to our good friends and relatives for your tireless prayer and good vibes! Indeed a priceless gift !

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